“Tricks and tips”: Bruises and haematoma.

Monday, August 6, 2012

A haematoma or hematoma is a localized collection of blood outside the blood vessels. Usually, it is a simple bruise, also called a contusion: a minor hematoma caused by broken capillaries and small venules damaged by a trauma. In general, it is not dangerous but it hurts and is unsightly. Simple care and advice are enough to deal with it.

How can I improve skin resistance?

Our skin is like a barrier to protect us from everything in the outside. It is really important to take care of it, particularly when we get older because it becomes thiner and our blood vessels are more fragile. Free radicals attack our cells and the blood vessels break more easily from minor bumps. 
The first thing to do is changing the way you eat. Cells need a lot of nutrients of good quality. Wheat germ oil, hazelnuts, avocado and almonds are rich in vitamin E. It is an important vitamin because it has strong antioxydant effect. It slows down skin ageing and protects cell membranes. It is proved it improves blood circulation, particularly inside the capillaries and vessels regain softness. 
Flavonoids increase capillaries resistance and decrease cell permeability: you can find it in lemon, apricot, sweet pepper, and broccoli. It is an excellent protection against bleeding. 
Don’t hesitate to eat food rich in vitamin C: orange, spinach, blackcurrant, kiwi and watercress: it is venotonic.
Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and do not let them too long in the fridge because their vitamin concentrations decrease quickly.

  • Protective Oil
This oil is dedicated to protect and soothe your skin. Calophyllum inophyllum oil and Argan oil protect blood vessels: they are more resistant. Vasomotricty is more effective. We add essential oils to improve the protection: Citrus limonum and Citrus reticulata help to prevent vessels’damages. Pogostemon gablin is well-known for its venotonics properties.


70 ml of Argan oil.
30 ml Calophyllum inophyllum oil
1ml Pogostemon gablin essential oil.
1ml Citrus limon essential oil
1ml Citrus reticulata essential oil

Mix it together in a small glass bottle. This preparation should be applied directly onto the skin. Be aware of Citrus limonun and Citrus reticulata essential oils: they are light-sensitive: We therefore do not recommend applying it before exposing yourself to the sun.
This protective oil is also excellent before a surgery to prepare your skin and ease healing without bruises. Apply it for 2 weeks before the surgery and stop it two days before going to surgery.

  • Protective herbal tea.

Drinking herbal teas is very good because active principles get directly throughout the body and can be effective everywhere. This is particularly interesting when we deal with blood vessels because they are organized in a net. Using three different plants with phlebotonic properties, we help blood vessels to be more resistant. Thus the blood circulates more easily and bruises are less common than before.


50g Melilotus officinalis (flowers).
50g Blackcurrant (leaves).
50g Vinca minor (leaves)

Mix it together in a jar. Take 3g and put it into 25cl of cold water. Heat it gently on the cooker. When mixture starts to boil, turn off the burner and let infuse for 3 minutes. Filter it and add some honey. You can drink two cups a day for 7 a week.

Did you know it?
A poultice made of cabbage leaves is extraordinary to heal bruises. Its properties are countless. It clears, eases blood circulation and regenerate tissues. 
When you have a bruise, take 3 leaves of organic green cabbage. Wash it carefully and cut the central rib. Use the rolling pin to mash 2 leaves. Put it onto the bruise, then cover with the third one. Bandage gently. Keep it all night and do it again every day until the bruise has disappeared.

Laure Martinat


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