Tricks and Tips to Protect Baby's Skin

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Baby’s skin is very sensitive and delicate so you have to take care of it. Skin is a protection against the outside. Indeed, many things from the outside can attack your body and your skin is a like a gate that should stay closed to avoid bacteria, viruses and other “strangers” coming in.
And this is particularly true for a baby’s skin because his immune system is not entirely efficient that’s why we need to protect it to avoid any breach in its structure.

Moreover, a baby’s skin is also a reflection of his emotional condition: at the beginning of his development, there is a link between skin and nervous system. And a good example of it, is eczema: a few people can have eczema when they are stressed.

In this newsletter, you can find “natural recipes” to help you when your baby’s skin is hurt by common dermatological pathologies.

What can I do against eczema?

Eczema is a skin inflammatory reaction, caused by allergies to different substances, which is frequently associated with itching. This is a real problem when it affects babies because it is difficult to prevent them from scratching.
The first thing to do is to suppress the allergen: cat hairs, strawberries, etc. Then, it is better to dress the baby with cotton clothes and be careful when you buy your washing powder.

Soothing lotion:

This lotion is dedicated to soothe the pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory components. Baby’s skin is regenerated.


30 ml of Chamaemelum nobile hydrosol (floral water).
30 ml Rosa rubiginosa oil.

Mix it together in a small glass bottle. This preparation should be applied directly onto the skin and give your baby a massage. His skin will be soothed and the massage is very good for him: he will feel relaxed and calm. You can give him a massage twice a day: in the morning and before going to bed in the evening.

Compresses against itching.

As we said before, it is difficult to prevent a baby from scratching. However, the more he scratches, the worst his skin is because he hurts it and all that small wounds can become infected. Common lavender is a good remedy to stop itching. We add carrot hydrosol to help preventing inflammation and soothing.


30 ml Daucus carotta hydrosol (floral water).
30 ml Lavandula officinalis hydrosol (floral water).

Mix it together in a small glass bottle and spill it on a sterile compress. You can apply it directly on the eczema and let it act for 10 minutes 3 times a day.

What can I do against nappy rash?

Unfortunately, nappy rash is common, particularly with synthetic nappies: skin becomes red and painful. The better prevention is changing nappies regularly and do not hesitate to let the skin breath for a while without anything on it.

Soothing spray

This soothing spray is ideal to take preventive action: you can use it every day when you change your baby. It is soothing and cooling so your baby feels good.


30 ml Lavandula officinalis hydrosol (floral water).
30 ml Chamaemelum nobile hydrosol (floral water).
30 ml Rosa damascena hydrosol (floral water).

Mix it together in a small glass bottle and spay it directly on the skin when you change your baby’s nappy. Let it dry without rubbing.

Healing oil

Essential oils are particularly powerful but there are just a few that can be used during childhood. Lavandula angustifolia essential oil is gentle and can be used even for baby’s skin. As you may know, in general, essential oils can not be used alone: we need to mix it with vegetal oils. We have chosen Prunus dulcis and Calophyllum inophyllum oils because they act together to soothe and heal baby’s skin.


40 drops of Lavandula angustifolia.
50 ml Prunus dulcis oil.
50 ml Calophyllum inophyllum oil.

Mix it together in a small glass bottle and apply a few drops on your baby’s skin. You can renew the application twice or three times a day when skin is clean and dry.

Laure Martinat


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