Introducing your Friendly AMCC Blogger: Sheryl-Anne!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010
Hi there!

My name is Sheryl-Anne. I will be blogging here for your personal and professional enjoyment, with the help of some contributors along the way. I'll also be sending you monthly newsletters jam-packed of information, fun-tips and some humour! [I'm just that kidda gal!]

At the AMCC, I'm a multi-tasking, multi-talented efficianado.. in the backend!!! I take care of the website. So, if things go wrong on the site, you know who to contact!!! ;-)

My background

After studying to obtain a double bachelor degree in Biochemistry and Chemical Engineering, I switched to a Bachelor degree in Information Management, from which I graduated. I worked as an instructor, training adults in network and computer management. I left the city to live in the country and pursue my living food passion, which led me to create a website,, author ebooks and mentor several people interested in that particular lifestyle the world around.  Self-taught up to now, I decided to complete my knowledge by studying at the College. Extremely curious by nature, intelligent and gifted in all she learn [hey! I didn't write *that* part!], she am now studying Naturopathy at the College, while working as a writer, translator and webmaster.

Healthy Crusine: Raw Food, Raw Love

I am also a mentor in living and raw foods and the creator of a website, Healthy Crusine. I have been "raw" since the beginning of 2008. My body reacted positively to raw and living foods. I was so enthusiastic about the changes in my body and health, I just had to share. I started doing so in French first, then in English a bit later on. I have been at the origin, the builder and the promoter of several French raw food sites (CruDivas and La Reine du smoothie vert). Now I channel my efforts, my gifts and my raw-energy through the Alternative Medicine College of Canada and Healthy Crusine, in English, and the Collège des médecines douces du Québec and Crusine Santé, in French. Let's say, I'm a busy lady!

What does a mentor do exactly??? It means I help people, guide them on their transition to raw and living foods. I have experience in this domain being 100% raw myself since the beginning of 2008. I also have experience teaching/mentoring as I have helped several people, young and not-so-young, in areas as varied as French, English, Math, Computers (programming and software), Web design, Alternative Healing and Health, Vegetarianism, Veganism, Juice Feasts and of course, Living and Raw Foods.

I love to share the knowledge I have accumulated. I especially love seeing people progress on their way to health.

We will spend some lovely time together, growing, learning, exploring the alternative medicine world, with all its tremedous possibilities. I look forward to reading your comments, to hear of your insights, and to share in your journey.

P.S.: Don't be shy. Let me know who you are, what you like (and dislike), what you would like to see here or in the newsletters... I'm all ears!... ok, eyes!!!


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