Fall Renewal

Thursday, August 19, 2010
Fall has always been the season for great changes in my life. The flamboyant fall leaves of our Quebec forests, inevitably shed; the crisp, vibrant air; the kids going back to school; the vegetable garden overflowing with a thousand and one culinary delights... All these changes usher in a very busy time of year, not to mention, sadly, some additional stress in our lives.

So, take a deep breath in (come on, do it!). Sl-ow-ly... Inhale... Exhale... oh! so slowly. Relaxed? No? Do it again then (yeah, really!). Now, that's much better! Aaah!!! Your first step into the marvelous world of relaxation is taken. A very small step, I realize. A deep breath can calm the mind but also it can bring clarity of thought as well as boost immunity.

Did you know that regular meditation can do more than help your mind? Once well-established, this practice will change many aspects of your daily lives.

I am myself just learning about this ancestral practice. I have always been "far too busy" to even consider slowing down and taking time... to meditate! Quick-quick-quick! That's me: a hundred kilometers an hour! And, if one does not know a thing about meditation, then it can be quite intimidating. There are sooo many possibilities! Which style to choose? Which technique will yield the greater results (yup! it's gotta be productive!).

I have learned that not only will the mind be calmer (not a bad thing for my over-active noggin) and the immunity boosted but that regular meditation has been more and more proven by science to improve blood circulation, decrease cholesterol levels, squash insomnia (yay!!), ease chronic pain, counteract anxiety, add years to your life (and life to your years!), and even relieve digestive distress. How? Simple: Meditation is a wonderful way to diminish stress in our daily lives. This stress not only makes us cranky but also undermines our physical health. Diminish the stress is therefore equivalent to diminishing a major health-undermining factor.

Will you join me for a little daily meditation? I will come back with an analysis of various techniques, as I explore. Who knows what pleasure awaits! Tell me all about your experimentations (and results)! I can't wait to see what good meditation does for YOU!



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