Juicy Shortcut to Health and Vitality

Tuesday, July 26, 2011
Have you ever juiced spinach before? How about carrots? Apples? If you ever tried to fill a glass with the juice of any fresh produce, you know it takes a lot of produce to fill that glass. And there lies the key to juice's immense health benefits.

You could never hope to eat all that produce it takes to fill a glass of wondrous raw and living juice. Once all the fiber is removed, the nutrients are available for easy assimilation by our bodies. Now we shouldn't juice everything in our diets: we need some fiber in our daily regimen otherwise, waste produced by our metabolism won't move along as easily and blockage will inevitably occur. A raw and living foods diet will provide ample fiber to meet your bodily requirements. When we choose to juice a certain amount of fruits and vegetables from our daily intake, we can maximize nutrient intake. It just makes it easier to obtain and assimilate the recommended daily nutrient requirements from our food (hence, less need for supplementation!). Read More Juicing allows us to get the nutrients from vegetables we ordinarily wouldn't eat by themselves or in sufficient quantities. An example of this are dark leafy vegetables. One large salad per day is what most raw foodist will have. But juice a whole pack of spinach, add some celery to that and maybe a carrot or two... Whoah! Now that's adding nutrition to a diet! It's worth making this practice an habitual one.
Do you experience some of these symptoms?
  • fatigue, exhaustion, chronic fatigue syndrome
  • frequent headaches
  • Need Detox!!!skin problems, blemishes, acne
  • brittle nails and hair
  • muscular and/or joint pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia
  • body odour
  • coated tongue
  • cardiovascular problems
  • excess weight
  • repetitive or chronic sinusitis
  • environmental sensitivities (odors, cleaning products, etc.)
  • irresistible and powerful cravings
  • mood swings, anxiety or depression
  • concentration and/or memory problems
  • frequent colds and flus
  • asthma
  • insomnia or trouble sleeping
  • food allergies
  • constipation or diarrhea (or an alternance of both)
  • flatulence and/or bloating
All these symptoms, and more still, stem from a toxic overload that the body cannot eliminate through proper channels. So, it has to improvise, so to speak! Hence, the importance to take the time to detoxify, periodically. Detoxification, like the one experienced while Juice Feasting for example, is an integral part, essential even, of any optimal health and vitality program. Detox, as it is also known, then becomes a valuable and efficient tool for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. When elimination becomes regular and through proper channels, toxins created by chemical, over-processed and acidifying foods are evacuated before they can damage or stress the digestive system, making for better bodily ressource allocation. Our body can therefore devote itself to repair, building and improving systems, without being impeded by a constant toxic assault.
Enzymes found in great quantities in raw and living foods, and made even more available and absorbable by juicing fruits and vegetables, are the catalysts of  hundred of thousands of chemical reactions in all over the entire body. They are essential to digestion, to absorption and to the production of cellular energy. Enzymes are vital to the construction and reconstruction that is continuously going on in our body.
Benefits resulting from detoxification include:
  • Green Juicereduced toxic load
  • increased immunity
  • liberation of excess weight, achieving a healthy weight
  • softer, smoother skin
  • healthy, functioning sinuses
  • better sleep
  • cravings are reduced or eliminated
  • integral revitalization of all body systems
  • physical, mental as well as spiritual well-being
  • purified blood, balanced pH
  • allergies, food and environmental sensitivities eliminated or reduced
  • improved digestion, absorption and elimination
  • better concentration and memory
So, get juicing! This simple to implement life practice can quite simply revolutionize your health!
Juicin' hugs,


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