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Monday, March 21, 2011
I'm sure by now, you all know of my passion for healthy eating, right? Especially when it comes to eating raw & living foods, I'm totally passionate! With that said, I found this little excerpt from the Metabolism and Nutrition course (that course 343, for the inquisitive) given by the College, very interesting and thought I'd share it with you.

Humanity’s great challenge: Co-existing with our food

The third millennium has begun, and, despite our vast technological progress, our survival is still highly dependent on our environment, as our cells require nutrients to stay alive. Will this change one day? Perhaps; for the moment, however, all living organisms must maintain a close and balanced relationship with their surrounding environment if they are to eat and survive.

It’s true that in North America and Western Europe, few people suffer from a lack of food. However, being truly healthy is not only a question of swallowing substances that will satiate hunger; we need to eat true food, i.e., food that is truly nourishing and that is eaten in a form that the human body can recognize. Unfortunately, this is not always the case for most products found in supermarkets. Devitalized (meaning they no longer contain living energy), the majority of these substances not only contain empty calories but are also harmful to our physical health. We often forget that these lifeless, cumbersome substances, which we still dare call food, also have a major influence on our psychological life (our emotional chemistry) and our spiritual
vitality (our “appetite” for living).

To live a happy life and have your entire existence become “sparked” by a vital current, you must first understand the major principles of living food.

“Living food” is food that, because it is fresh and in a highly vibrant state, abounds with nutritious substances. Easily assimilated, these foods leave little residue in the body and any digestive residue they do leave is easily eliminated.

Among all of the living foods, sprouts and young shoots are far and away the most alive and the most vibrant. Simple and very economical, these “newborn foods” are packed with nutrients that our bodies crave. We need to rediscover the wisdom of our seed-sprouting ancestors; we need to become reconnected to the food that keeps us alive.
So, did you like it? I sure did! And, if you want to know more, this course not only delves into the raw & living food lifestyle but also in other nutritional  trends, like vegetarianism, veganisme, Kousmine's Diet, Dr. Seignalet's regime, Shelton's Principles of Food Combining, the Mediterranean Diet, The Zone, and so much more! It also studies the anatomy-physiology of the digestive system, as well as look at several digestive physiopathologies. Very interesting indeed! But that's not all. Hop on over to the course's page on the College's site to read all about it! It's all there.

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