Milk Thistle: To the Rescue of You Liver and Digestive System

Monday, January 17, 2011
Have you overindulged lately? Who doesn't, right? In those times, when feeling bloated, sluggish and generally unwell is simply not an option, milk thistle (Silybum marianum) is the perfect remedy.

Milk thistle can be used when poor food and/or beverage choices have prevailed. It is useful in all kinds of digestives woes, be it food poisoning, excess alcohol consumption, hepatitis, cirrhosis, chimiotherapy, and even jaundice. It can protect against X-Rays damages, environmental pollution, and heavy metals. Recent research suggests it also plays a role in glycemic control.

Do you suffer from one of those "morning after" headaches? Or maybe a migraine you know is related to poor liver function? Then again, milk thistle, by going to the source of the problem (ie the liver), will ease your symptoms. In detoxifying the body, it is less likely that you will need all those nasty headache medications. Most can irritate the stomach, and cause other unpleasant side-effects. Eliminate the cause, and the headache will vanish. Aaaah!!!

Here's a recipe you can try out at home, that is a liver tonic and digestive aid:
1/3 tsp dried chicory root powder
1/3 tsp dried dandelion root powder
1/3 tsp dried milk thistle seeds powder

Steep the powder mix in a cup of boiled water. Filter. Serve hot.

Living in our modern society, amidst all the pollution, and the nutrient deficient food supply, milk thistle is an ally not to be neglected. It will strengthen and regenerate your liver, which will then be better able to accomplish its detoxification tasks. Milk thistle will also fortify your entire body. Learn to love the prickly plant, and it will make you and your liver very, very happy!

If you would enjoy learning more about milk thistle, and other such marvels of Nature, the College offers a very complete course in Phytotherapy and Energetics.

Prickly hugs,

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